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Park your car. Live your life.


Smart Car: Text

Parking gets in the way of living. We're constantly on the go...but it's not the going we're after, it's the destination. While other cars stand in the way of you reaching your destination, a Smart car lets you get on with parking so you can get on with living. In this campaign, iconic fictional characters with equally iconic modes of transportation get smart and make the switch. When will you?

[solo project]


Iconic fictional characters (with equally iconic modes of transportation) getting smart and upgrading to a Smart car.



Curb your car. Not your enthusiasm.

VO (Barry White baritone):

It’s that moment...
when your eyes zero in on 3/4 of a parking spot.

To any other driver it’s a tease... bait;
to tempt but never to be attained.
But to you, you Smart car driver you,
it’s a portal to freedom.
We call it the ‘SMARTspot,’
and it’s all yours.

It’s ok to celebrate.

Tag: Park your car. Live your life.


Visuals for TVC: Driver's POV. Epic slow motion driving scene unfolds in tandem with VO. Finish with montage of slow motion celebrations in the wake of successfully executing the ‘SMARTspot’ park. Pan to protagonist standing triumphantly on the hood of his/her Smart car with beams of sunlight streaming down.


Social posts:

1. Question: What do Cinderella, Ms. Frizzle, and Captain Kirk all have in common? Answer: Nowhere to park! It's no wonder they all got Smart. #ParkYourCarLiveYourLife

2. Every minute counts when you have places to go and princes to meet! Park your car. Live your life. 

3. Post a picture of a spot only a smart car could fit into and tag #SMARTspot for a chance to win free E-ZPass for a year.


A dynamic app that uses real-time GPS technology to identify and share locations of smaller parking spots that only a smart car could fit into. #SMARTspot

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